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Thankful For Tiny Blessings

This morning as I wake I am thankful for the time I was in my bed. I got more sleep then I have been getting since last week. It wasn’t without interruptions but it was nice to not get up and have to run about the house for the various reasons I find doing for my family in the night.

I also woke up to the tiny whimpers of my Mr. Ancient, aka BJ. When I went to bed I was concerned he might not wake up this morning. He is a couple months from 17 years old and was not feeling good last night. I was concerned he wouldn’t wake up this morning, but I can hear him in his kennel. A good sound it makes.

design-2Now to get my day started as both my husband and daughter have doctor appointments and will be going different directions this morning. I am so torn because with them both sick at the same time I’m only able to do so much.  My wonderful in laws are coming over to take their son to his doctor appointment (this one is unrelated to his surgery but the VA would not allow him to reschedule this one unless he was physically in the hospital). Then I am taking my daughter to her ENT appointment as hers is an appointment that is related to her surgery.

I will be relieved to have both of these appointments done and come back home again. Exhaustion is a difficult battle to get through, but determination helps me to push through it. It will all be good. We will get through this experience and in the end if my husband and daughter can redeem their lives again then I would do this all over again.

I am hoping later to be able to sit down and write something that is a “real” post. Until then friend. I hope you have a good day.

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