Thoughts To Ponder

Do they Smile Back?

When you smile at a total stranger do they smile back?

When you assist an elderly or handicapped person in the store do they smile back?

When you pick up toy that a baby dropped while mom’s hands are full does she smile back?

When you offer to pay for the coffee behind you do you think they smile back?

When you show a random act of kindness to a stranger do you think they smile?

When you put a random thinking of you card in the mail for an inexpecting loved one do you think they smile? 

Let’s ponder this thought for a moment. It doesn’t take a lot of money to share a simple act of kindness thus producing a smile on a loved one or a total stranger.

I have a challenge for you. Take  time today to think about just one opportunity to share a random act of kindness to either someone you love or a total stranger.

You will find this random act will not only be a blessing to someone else, but you will be surprised the reward you will receive as well.

Friends, on this Valentine’s Day let’s take a moment to do something for someone that will make them smile.

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