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Hiding Behind A Mask

Hidden Emotions

Do you walk around during the day feeling confused with what your emotions are?

Do you go out in public and put on a brave face and even a smile when it is needed but down inside you know you are struggling while deep down inside you just cry.

Do you ever feel like you are wearing a mask to hide your true emotions from everyone including yourself?

Do you wish you could be honest with your feelings without showing weakness or vulnerability to others to include yourself?

Are you trapped in a life where it is best to conceal your true feelings because you are trying to protect the people around you? Are you afraid of rejection or condemnation from others if you reveal your emotions?

My friend these are all real feelings you are experiencing.  I am not saying they are right or wrong, but I am saying they are real.

The reality is this must change because if it doesn’t it will consume you and alter how you view the world. This becomes visible when you begin experiencing anger, frustration, discouragement, depression and resentment.  Once these settle in, they make it harder for you to manage and maintain your relationships with others.

Often times these extensive emotions are seen in life situations that are out of our control. They can be seen when grief isn’t properly managed and when traumatic situations such as accidents, abuse, critical illnesses, injuries, and war occurs . PTSD is also a hidden illness that can alter your real emotions and transpose them into something they are not. When these are unrecognized they can become so bad they  can destroy your life and your family.

Many people experience emotional hardships, but the most important key here to know and remember is that you must identify it before it consumes you.

An important step to conquering this emotional journey is to recognize these difficult emotions are present and gain control over them again, but how do you become honest with your feelings when you have spent so much time running away from them?

The most important first step is to check in with God. You are going to need a heart to heart conversation with Him and put everything out on the table. You can’t be afraid to let Him know your fears, concerns, and worries. Believe me friend, if you think you have been hiding from Him all this time you are sadly mistaken. He knows what you have been going through. He knows what the mask you have been wearing looks like. God knows every little crease, crack, and color in your mask. Why would He not know your every emotion when He created you the way you are? I promise, your emotional state of mind is not a surprise to Him.

img_1404Another helpful step is to confide in someone you trust. Is there a friend, a spouse, a trusted confidant that knows your every mood and knows when even you are hiding from yourself? This person may not be easy for you to recognize as you may have been pushing them away for a long time, but if they truly have not left, they might be the best person to turn to. Often times this person is a friend and you never realized it.

Often times this person may not even be someone you know right now, but if you take the time to step aside from your present circumstances God will place that person in your life even when you least expect them. God will reveal this person to you when you least expect it.

I can tell you from experience, if you have this person in your life, they will be your greatest source of encouragement and will be helpful to you in finding your true emotions despite the mixed up emotions you are harboring.

Another helpful step is to find a good counselor. They are trained professionals and will guide you and assist you in sorting out what you are experiencing. They will listen to you, help you to sort out life events that have occurred in your past and present thus helping you find what your buried emotions allowing healing to begin. If they feel you need additional help from the medical professionals, they will be able to make that educated decision for you based on your circumstances.

Finally, dear friend, you need to recognize if this is occurring and recognize there is a problem. If you have a friend or a family member bring this to your attention please try not to become defensive, but be receptive because they love you enough to bring this to your attention.  Seek help so healing can begin and restoration and renewal will come back to your life.

This isn’t an easy topic to discuss because it touches us at a very deep emotional level. This is why we wear our masks, but the mask isn’t going to help you get to the bottom of a serious problem. Sweet friend, please do not ignore this problem if your family or friends bring this up to you because they love you and want what is best for you even when you can’t see it for yourself. Take your mask off, breathe, and seek to find your life again leaving the hidden emotional baggage behind. You have the control to break this vicious cycle and pattern in your life, but you have to recognize this problem.

Know you are not alone. There are people who love you unconditionally. Let them into your emotional darkness so they can help guide you back to your life again.

Hugs and Prayers Friend as you travel through this emotional journey.

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