Kitchen Helper, Update

Checking In….

Hi Friends,

B56B2286-12CB-4BED-BCDF-F42D9FEEA2C5Hang tight, I know I need to post 2 Christmas recipes as well as an encouragement for today.

I am now to the point where I am going to be laying low this afternoon. I was up all night last night icing kiddos foot to keep her ugly surgery pain at bay, but to no avail. She got up this morning feeling that ugly pain as well as a headache. She was able to take some of her meds now she has had her surgery so she finally found something to get it controlled since it was borderlining a migraine.

I was able to bake her some protein rich muffins (which I will post here since she liked them) and some protein rich granola bars so she can snack on healthy food which will promote quicker healing, I hope.

I also wanted to get my house picked up so it doesn’t get ahead of me, but exhaustion has settled in.

We are living by an alarm still, but as long as the ice keeps the ugly pain managed then I will continue to do it. The doctor is having her ice 15 minutes on with 30 mins off. It is amazing how fast that 30 minutes in between goes.

I wanted to drop by to reassure you all that I am still here and will make every effort to keep posting even though she is down.

Thank you for your patience. I truly means a lot to me.

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