Trusting God Through The Storm

Christmas Encouragement

December 29, 2017

As I close out the day I am praying this will encourage someone else who may be struggling like us.

Tonight is the coldest nights of the season for where we live and our furnace broke. I tried calling the repair man but they are so busy, the soonest they can get us in is tomorrow late morning to afternoon. That seems so far away when I think of how cold our house will get. I am just praying our pipes don’t freeze because we don’t need plumbing problems too.

First thing in the morning I have an appointment to get my car inspected and I am praying and trusting God will protect us from any car repairs right now. We can’t have anything go wrong with that too. Then there is my husband’s truck who also needs an inspection and it won’t pass because he needs a couple of things done to it. We don’t have the money for all of this.

Where does all the money come from as we are looking at these big expenses? It is so scary, but yet it shouldn’t be. We are to have complete trust in God because He knows everything at all times. Nothing is a surprise to Him despite it being one to us. When I was at the hardware store tonight I just felt God telling me to be calm and trust Him. The hard part was I asked God to protect us for tomorrow’s vehicle inspection. I had no idea within a few hours that I would be adding my house to the concerned list for the night.

The emotional pain and pressure is great. Tonight my heart is so heavy. We can not catch a break from struggling. Today all I could think of was wanting to start a new life journey to form a better, more secure, and happier life, however I have learned from the past, often times life gets harder in the form of challenges to test our skills in how to handle adversity.

This is not what I want to happen because all I have lived since 2012 has been adversity. This is why I am exhausted, frustrated, and weary. I cringe at the prospect of any more hardships coming our way. Then there is this tonight.

Trusting God, trusting God, trusting God, He has a plan even though we do not.

I wish I had the words of encouragement to speak to those of you who are struggling with similar circumstances.

I’m at a loss to come up with the words when my heart is empty tonight. The only thing I know and believe works all the time is prayer. My prayer tonight is for us both and that God will meet all our needs. I know He will protect us both from the scariness of what lies ahead.

Hugs my fellow struggling friend! We will get through this trying time! Hang in there!

7 responses to “Trusting God Through The Storm”

  1. bravingmentalillness Avatar

    Hi! Try to hang in there. It’s not easy to keep believing in anything or anyone when every time you turn around, something seems to go wrong or another obstacle unfolds. Every night I ask my angels for guidance and support. My prayers go out to you and your family. Keep the faith, stay strong, walk in the light, live with your heart, and in due time, things will turn around. I truly believe that! Many blessings and be well!

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much for those kind words! You don’t know how much they mean to me. I’m trying so hard to battle through all of this because it just seems to be a constant struggle, but your words of encouragement are so helpful. My prayer is the God will richly bless you and your family with the desires and needs of your heart. Hugs!!💜


      1. bravingmentalillness Avatar

        Oh, you’re more than welcome. It really is difficult to see through the storm, but there is tranquility after it passes. Sometimes the storms just last longer than expected. I hope you will remain as positive as you can during this time. My husband and I just found out we need to get our son braces. That is about $5000! Right after Christmas! Ugh

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      2. Oh no on the braces. I am so so sorry. This is totally stinky timing.
        I’m sorry to hear your family is struggling too. That is why I write my blog. I see so much pain and heart ache around that if I can help someone to feel just a bit better then thatnmakes me happy.
        Some days it is just so hard to do when we are weathering so many storms here.
        I can not wait for this storm to pass and experience the tranquility afterwards. I am so ready for a peace that I can breathe through. I am truly looking forward to some personal changes I want to happen in the year to come, I just cringe that life could get harder before I get there.
        I love when people reach out to help each other. You sincerely touched my heart today and I am so appreciative of it. I hope as my blog continues to grow that I will see this more and more among all of us.
        I hope you have a good and safe Holiday weekend. Blessings to you. 💜


      3. bravingmentalillness Avatar

        I absolutely agree, the storm will pass and you’ll always have support. The braces for my son will pass too😀. I’m here for support and I’m glad we were able to uplift one another today. I wish you well and many blessings 😀💚🙏🏽🙏🏻🙏🏿🙏🏾🙏🏼🙏

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      4. Yes, they will absolutely. I remember mine going into braces. She went in them on Good Friday the year she went in them. I forgot to get all her jelly beans out of her Easter basket that year, lol. Then my husband deployed leaving me to do the hardest part of them. Thankfully, it passed quickly. Hang in there girl!

        Oh and quick update… got car inspected and got it to pass, thankfully. My hubs got a battery so it will start again. Furnace was a maintenance problem thankfully. Thanking God for an easy bill, although it is a bummer, but God will work out the details. My Kiddos follow up to her foot surgery is healing well. She won’t be going back to work next week, but hopefully the 10th will work for her. She is still schedule get her stitches out next week and the pain she is still in is normal. She bruised more then he expected which is explaining the extra pain.
        I have heat, a car that works and answers to my child’s pain and I know she is ok. I’m feeling a ton of relief!
        Thank you beyond word for the kind words and extra prayers today. They were felt! 💜


      5. bravingmentalillness Avatar

        Yes I am hanging in there and looks like our prayers were answered and our angels carried us through. What a blessing. Your update just made my day. Thanks for keeping me posted. Your prayers were felt too! 💜💜

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