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Grab and Go Healthy Snacking

Life Hack 101

Kiddo’s Healthy Steroid Kit

4EF1DC51-C01C-4BB1-A4D9-50D0593A5115Today’s Life Hack is what I am calling Kiddo’s Steroid Survival Kit.

I am not sure why I have not thought about doing this before, but I am glad I thought of it for this time.

For my healthy eaters, this is a great hack for you as well.

After purchasing your fruits and vegetables, before they go into the refrigerator wash them. Then after they are cleaned and prepared grab your snack bags or your mini snack storage containers and start separating the food into snack size portions.

I did this because my Kiddo has a tough time with her appetite while she is on steroids. By doing this, if she is hungry she can easily grab an already prepared  snack size portion of something healthy to eat. If we are leaving the house, she can grab a bag or two for while she is out because hunger is a migraine trigger for her.

I prepared for several days which is why it looks like she has so much stuff. I know her and I know her meals are usually dicey, but this will enable her to graze more often than just eating three meals a day. This will give her a healthy option to graze on all day.

What I included in my Survival Kit was…

  • cucumbers
  • grapes
  • celery
  • cheese sticks
  • bananas
  • healthy homemade banana muffins (I made the other day)
  • protein bars
  • trail mix (she needs a little crunchy somewhere)

You can choose anything you wish. I chose these because I know my daughter will eat these.

I hope this hack helps you as well. I am posting it because I had never seen a solution to handle steroids and the effects they can have on an appetite.

I knew when I came home from the store with her food, unless I made these easily available the likelihood of her grabbing and running was not going to happen. So preparations began and I am so thankful God gave me the wisdom to do this.

Now I am sharing it with you in case you have never thought of it either.

Happy Hack Wednesday!


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