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The Life of My Daughter and Her Migraines and Cold

design-87I am writing to update my faithful followers on Kiddo’s painfully sick week.

Thankfully today I can finally see the signs of the antibiotics working to fight against her cold. It is nice to see her not struggling to breathe through all of the chest congestion and relentless coughing.

As for the migraine she couldn’t get managed, the steroids did the job. They broke this migraine cycle, thankfully. She still has her daily headaches, but those she can manage. It was this past intense and mega migraine she couldn’t handle or manage.

I truly appreciate your prayers. She was in tough shape for the past few weeks and I am praying she will get some much-needed relief and rest over the next week. Thankfully she works at a school and because of Easter, they are off for the week.

I do ask however, you continue to keep her in your prayers because her steroids finish tomorrow and she is concerned with the headaches she still has that the steroids will not continue to work. Please pray the headaches will just go away and she will be okay until she goes to her next neurology appointment.

I write about this because to watch her struggle like she does causes me to worry a lot over her. It is hard to see her go through all she goes through. Unfortunately, it is not with the just illnesses, but it comes with some of the nursing staff as well. When times like these happen and her body wages war against itself, the only solution for relief comes in the form of medical intervention, but to seek this intervention comes at the cost of lectures about seeking medication for which she is not doing.

What would you do as a parent if you saw your child post this on Facebook?

“This sums up the past couple weeks and I’m so tired of doctors and nurses!!!! The nurse today told me, after I got done telling her all my symptoms, that since I got up out of bed today I couldn’t possibly feel as badly as I said I did 🤦🏻‍♀️. People, if I didn’t get out of bed I wouldn’t have a life!! Just treat me! How long do I have to be miserable before someone decides enough is enough. I’m not lying, I’m not trying to get drugs, I’m not trying to get attention. If I could live my life without all these health problems, that would be great, but until then just give me the help I need and quit giving me a hard time about it.”

As for me, I know it happened. I was there every time it did, but there is something about seeing the pain in writing. She isn’t a public person and she is not a person who posts a lot on Facebook so for her to do this, it was really upsetting to her.

Now, how about this she just told me just tonight?

” I am so tired of being sick and drugged up to live without pain. I think I slept the month of March away because somehow I have missed that month. I feel like I am not even living my life, I feel like I am just existing.”

Another statement I know she feels, but there is something about verbalizing it that just breaks my heart. Now, keep in mind, she has no idea I am sitting here writing. She has no idea I am trying to process my own thoughts about her being so sick and in so much pain for so long. It is completely coincidental that conversation happened.

I am not sure what her future holds and why she has to struggle so much. I just plead with God that He has a reason for it all and that she does not have to go through it without a benefit or reward of some sort. The testimony she will have at the end will be amazing. It is my hope and prayer this road she travels will be one where she is able to help others get through their medical journey.

Until then, it is my prayer God continues to give her the strength to endure it all because it is a lot. It is also my prayer God protects her body and her mind from all of the effects of pain, illnesses, and medication she goes through. Feel free to join me in praying over all of this as well. I would be appreciative of the additional prayers.

Thank you for being patient as I use my blog as a platform to write about what it is like to be her mom and go through this journey with her. It is a lot to carry, but being able to write about it gives me the ability to release some of my own emotions so I can be strong for when she needs me the most.

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