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Decompression Through Exhaustion

As I sit here in the emergency room waiting on my husband, I am trying to decompress in the quietness of this waiting room. It is not usually quiet so I am thankful God blessed me with this small reward.

I thought today was going to be a free day from going to a doctor, but unfortunately this was too much to hope for. I am praying however, that both my husband and daughter will not need one this weekend.

If they can both stay well enough to not need a doctor over the weekend then I will be able to have a two day break before taking Kiddo back on Monday morning.

This week has been a whirlwind of doctors. I am use to all the doctors my daughter has to see, but it becomes daunting and exhausting when my husband needs them too. This is when I struggle with being overwhelmed because to do one person is tough, but it is manageable. It is when they both need medical help in a week that I get overwhelmed and overloaded.

If you feel inclined to send up prayers for strength and peace for me over the weekend, I would be so appreciative. I’m tired, okay I will be honest, I am exhausted. My mood is ugly and I am lacking the compassion I need to be as a caregiver. I know my husband is mad at me, but I am overwhelmed and overloaded. Thankfully Kiddo tries to be a little more understanding, although even today was difficult for her. With this all said, if you feel inclined to say some extra prayers for me, I would appreciate it. Pray my husband gets better with his new antibiotics and pray pain, headache, migraine, and sinus infection relief for my Kiddo.

Thank you all and good night everyone.

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