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Do Not Allow Stress To Consume You, Regain It By Planning

Encouragement Today


Today’s Encouragement is to remind you to let go of the pressures you are carrying and allow yourself to just live with the freedom God intended for us to live.

He never intended for us to be held captive by society’s standards, our busyness, or by our own sense of perfectionism.

Today’s Encouragement is for you to step away from things that harbor stress in your life, thus allowing yourself to have a sense of peace, and not anxiety, about the things you have to do. If there is something stressful you do not have to do, then do not do it today. Put that activity on your planner for tomorrow, this way it gets done, but do not allow it to rob you of your peace today.

Your personal challenge is to look at your planner (if you use one) and look at the week to come. Identify what needs to be done and what can be moved to another day or week, because this will allow you the ability to decompress from the stress you harbor daily.

If you are a busy parent who works all day at a stressful job and you leave work to run your kids to multiple activities nightly, please know it is okay and healthy to tell your children the word no. Your child does not need to run every night of the week from activity to activity. If they wish to live that life, they can do so when they are older and able to run themselves. It is also okay as a parent, to have your children make choices in their activities. Limit them to how many activities they are doing in a season or how many they are attending in a week. Even as adults we need to do this. Life is not about how busy we make ourselves, it is about living life while enjoying it.

Parents, do not get me wrong, I totally believe extra-curricular activities are important for children, but more so for the older ones than the younger ones. The younger ones need more stability and routine in their lives besides constantly running from the time they get up to the time they go to bed.

I believe the little ones need a nightly routine of going home from school or daycare, having supper, doing their homework if they are school age, some play time with their own toys, and a relaxing quiet time routine as well. The quiet time could include a bath, story time, mommy and daddy snuggle time and a routine bedtime. Their bodies need to know what time it is and they only form this through a structured life.

To my single followers who do not have a family or children, it is still important for you to have a structure and routine in your life. This will allow you to regain control over your life and bring the stability and peace back in it as well. If you do not have a planner, consider purchasing one. Your life will become more stable if you better plan your daily activities.

If you are a college student and the pressures of work, classes, and life are getting ahead of you, break out your planner and gain control over it again. Put your work schedule into your planner. Do not fall into the trap of knowing it is something you do every day. You need a visual accountability of your time and by putting your work schedule and all of your extra activities, such as get-togethers, church activities, whatever you have to do, into your planner, you will free your mind of everything you are trying to remember.  Lastly, add your class schedule, homework, and project deadlines to this as well. The ability to visually see everything on your planner will help you to free up stress from your life because you are no longer trying to remember everything your planner will show you.

An important key to successfully de-stressing your life is living a life that is structured, slower, and well planned. Living a life that is unplanned and on the spur of the moment only allows the stress to creep in and run it for you.

My friend, one of my goals I have planned for myself is something I have always wanted to do and that is to create a planner that assists in planning your life. Store bought planners are wonderful and have met my needs for many years, but I find they do not always meet the needs I have. I have always wanted to create pretty, but useful planners for myself as well as others. When I am able to do this, I will be sure to make it available to you as well.

If you have any ideas that you would find useful in a planner, please be sure to leave a comment below and I will incorporate those ideas into my plan as well. My objective is to meet the planning needs of everyone. I have experienced the life of a sick child and how a planner for that would be helpful. I have experienced the needs of a homeschooler and a busy wife and mom. Now I am finding with a sick family a different planner to keep up with them would be helpful. How about you? What do you experience in life and struggle to find planners to meet your needs?

Lastly, remember… Do not allow stress to consume your life, take control over it by better planning.


2 thoughts on “Do Not Allow Stress To Consume You, Regain It By Planning”

    1. It surely is. I struggle with it too, but thankfully the more my life is planned the more I can control it, but it doesn’t go away either.

      Trying is the key, Girl! The act of trying is the key to a lot of obstacles. Just one step at a time.

      Hugs 💜


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