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Controlling The Daily Chaos

Life Hack For Surviving The Every Day of Life

After it took me a good part of two weeks to get my home back in order via cleanliness and clutter control, I found a few things that work for me to keep my house maintained when the time is not my friend.

I found if I spend maybe thirty minutes or less, these few tricks will help to keep my home from looking like a disaster area and I do not get as frustrated at everything getting ahead of me.

Try these five tidy tips to see if this helps to calm your home chaos and helps to bring you a sense of peace at the end of the day.

5 Tips To Controlling Your Daily Chaos

  • Vacuum or sweep daily.
If you clean the floors every day, then your house does not appear to be as dirty because you do not see the dirt or debris on it.

  • Wash the dishes in the sink and clean the countertop.

If you wash the dishes every morning, assuming you did them the night before and you do not have a week’s worth there, then you are only cleaning up the nightly snack cups and dishes and the breakfast and lunch making dishes in the morning. If you wash or dishwasher them first thing in the morning, then when you come home at the end of the day, you are not bombarded by a lot to add of dishes that will add to your evening supper dishes. It is so much easier to stay ahead of these big messes than it is to play catch up.

  • Wipe down bathroom sink, counter top, toilet, and floor.

If you wipe down your bathroom daily, then the disgustingness does not get ahead of you. Who likes cleaning a bathroom? I for one, do not and I really hate cleaning it up after it becomes disgusting. My friend, stay ahead of it and clean it up daily. It will only take maybe five minutes daily if you keep up with it.

  • Make the bed as soon as you get up.

Make your bed daily as soon as you get out of it. This somehow helps to set the tone for a productive day. It also helps to keep the desire to climb back in it at bay. By making it daily it also stays cleaner longer, especially if you have pets.

  • Throw in a load of laundry (add to the dryer at the end of the day).

Lastly, throw in a load of laundry daily first thing in the morning. This helps to stay ahead of the constant mountain of dirty laundry. At the end of the day, you can throw it in the dryer as well as folding the load that is in there. At the end of the day, you have more time than you do in the morning to fold what might be in the dryer. The key to the morning quick clean up is to get the laundry in the washer.

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