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Touching Lives With Your Power To Love

A Life Challenge

Today’s reminder is a simple one, to share your love for those people who are important to you.

So many times, we get consumed by our busyness, that we forget to reach out to those who remain by our sides through every aspect of our life.

Do not take for granted the relationships you hold dear to your heart. Reach out today and show your appreciation to them.

Send a text that simply says, thank you, I appreciate your love or friendship. I am thankful for you or you are beautiful or handsome and I believe in you.

If a text does not work, try making a phone call, or do a quick drive by where they live or work. If these are not appropriate, try an invitation to go out for a coffee or tea. If you are feeling really inspired, try delivering a random boutique of flowers or their favorite little thoughtful gift.

It does not matter what you choose to do, but what does matter, is that you reach out and touch your loved one or special friend’s heart to say thank you, you mean everything to me.

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