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Special Olympics Polar Plunge Fundraiser Opportunity

I am going to reach out to my readers and faithful followers today to see if I can help my sweet daughter raise the money, through this fundraiser, that she needs to attend her cousin’s Special Olympics Polar Plunge on February 2, 2019.

As many of you know, my daughter struggles and suffers from so much chronic pain and illness in her own life, that when she has an opportunity to do something that is not pain related, I try to be as supportive as possible.

I will give a quick back story to why this event is so important to us.

We have a sweet niece who struggles with being handicapped and became involved with her local Special Olympics Team back in her high school years and continues still today. She participates with their many sporting activities and special events as an outlet to become a part of a group that is bigger than herself, and in turn, they grew to love and support her unconditionally.

Special Olympics has truly helped her to become stronger, fearless, and outgoing and continues to be instrumental in my niece’s life today. We try to support her in her activities as often as we are able to.

This year, my daughter has chosen to support the S.O. Polar Plunge to show her cousin, in a special way, how much she loves and supports her. This is an activity that is so much bigger than my daughter, but by doing this, it shows how much this event means to her.

It is my fervent prayer, my daughter will be able to raise the money she needs to in order to be an active participant with her cousin this year.

I am attaching a link to my daughter’s Special Olympics 2019 Polar Plunge Fundraising Page. 

With the above link, you will access her fundraising page and can donate to this worthy cause. I know my daughter, (who did not ask me to do this for her), would appreciate every penny she will raise.

I would love to see our community wrap their arms around both my daughter and my niece to show their support for them both.

I do not ask for money like this, but God is trying to show me in my new journey, that He can not bless me, my story, or reach others through it if I do not start sharing it.

Today, I am choosing to use my birthday as a special day to reach out to help others, by telling this part of our story.

It is my prayer, hope, and desire that God will use this day today to meet my sweet daughter’s need to help and support her cousin by showing her love and support. 

This is an important venture for both my daughter and my niece for different reasons. 

Please, prayerfully consider donating to this worthy cause and be a blessing to my daughter today, by helping her to reach her goal.

As a family, we would be eternally grateful!

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