Beauty Can Be Misleading

Processing Through Sickness

November 25, 2017

I am sitting here tonight with a heavy heart. My daughter only had one Christmas request this year and that was to put up our big jumbo Christmas tree that we have had since the year she was born. She loves this tree and has missed it because we adopted our precious baby boy, 2 1/2 years ago and haven’t put it up because of him being a puppy. His name is Shadow and he is a large German Shepard. Anyone who follows my blog will see him randomly via my Instagram pictures. He might even be there right now since he was playing with our cat around the tree this afternoon.

67B51D11-8494-4A0C-BA37-69F13B92DC2EI honored her only request yesterday by putting up the tree. She helped me, which was a lot since she has an air cast boot on one of her feet because she is having surgery the week before Christmas. Her poor foot hurt so badly last night that I thought we had messed it up even more, but no, she wakes up this morning with her foot okay, but extremely sick instead.

As the day progressed on and I watched her struggle with not feeling good, I kept pondering what could be wrong?

Allergies, nooooo, this is her severe allergies to the dust of putting up the Christmas tree yesterday. Oh no, now what?

As we sat in our living room last night admiring the fruits of our labor and admiring the beauty of this large tree, I had no idea it was going to make her physically ill today.

Now, as I pass through my living room and see it all lite up in it’s beauty I cringe at what I have done to my child. How can something so beautiful and is meant to provide such joy and happiness cause so much pain and sickness, really?

As I sit here tonight I am still pondering what to do. I think I will wait a day or so and see if her body adjusts to it or not and then determine if I am going to have to take this tree back down.

It just truly breaks my momma heart to watch her struggle through so much stuff that an average healthy person doesn’t give a second thought.

When I agreed to put this tree up I was reluctant because it is so big and a lot of work. I never dreamt once we got it up that it would make Kiddo sick, literally. Who knew?

With only one more day of Thanksgiving break, I am praying she feels better tomorrow. If you feel inclined to join me in praying for her, I would be greatly appreciative.

Christmas is a season that is meant to be a joyous time with twinkling lights, the sound of Christmas music in the air, and the fragrance of baked goods and cookies in the air.

It isn’t meant to be a season where you battle your body with out of control allergies, sickness, and pain. She battles with this mess all through the year. I just wanted her to have a time where this didn’t happen because of something I am doing to make her life happy and memorable.

Memorable, what a choice of words. I didn’t expect it to turn into a bad thing. I have to figure out how to turn this around. How do I make this a good season without contributing to her sickness and allergies?

It is time to think outside of the box now. If it means putting away the tree, it does. I thankfully don’t believe I will have to put everything away. So we will still have some decorations up which will make her happy.

Please join me in prayer over how to keep my Kiddo healthy and free from debilitating allergies and migraines throughout out this Christmas season.

*Disclaimer, this post was written from the heart of a weary mom tonight. If God uses it to richly bless or encourage someone, then I will be very happy that my difficult journey with a sickly child won’t be for nothing.

If someone can benefit from our struggles, then God, we will go through this difficult time knowing You have a plan and a purpose for all of this. Touch someone tonight and encourage them they are not alone. Show them there are others who know the pain and weariness and let them know that You are still and remain in constant control. Hold them up tonight in Your arms providing them with a peace and comfort that only you can give.

In Your Precious Name, Amen