• Wisdom Prevails While Pride Destroys

    Wisdom Prevails While Pride Destroys

    This was my daily email Bible verse for today. “Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.” Proverbs 13:10 Is this an area you are struggling with in your life right now? If the answer is yes, try making a conscious effort to break this cycle. I am going to…

  • God Gave You Strength For Today

    God Gave You Strength For Today

    Today’s reminder is to encourage you to know you are strong enough to deal with everything you may be struggling with. “God gave you this life because He knew you were strong enough to live it.” Author Unknown Take some time today to, “Stop, Relax, and Breathe”. This will refresh your soul and prepare you…

  • Blessings Await During The Storms

    Blessings Await During The Storms

    Today’s Encouragement As I got up exhausted this morning, I strolled to my kitchen, only to be reminded God’s blessings come in His timing and not in mine. Are you struggling in an area where you just keep praying over something in your life and you have been waiting for an answer or a direction?…

  • Happy Mother’s Day

    Happy Mother’s Day

    Today is a day that can be bittersweet . It can be either sweet or difficult as there are many variations of motherhood that are experienced.  Some are celebrating the joys of motherhood while others dread it to the point of tears. No matter what kind of day you have had and the reasons that…

  • Breathe Today, One Step At A Time

    Breathe Today, One Step At A Time

    I’m sending some encouragement your way today. I know this is a difficult time for so many, but I want to encourage you to take a step back and live in the moment. What can you do right now that would bring you some joy? Does this mean stop what you are doing and snuggle…

  • Waiting on God Does Not Lead To Disappointment

    Waiting on God Does Not Lead To Disappointment

    Do not be discouraged if you are going through something and you keep praying over it, and God keeps saying, “No, not now”. My friend, God is hearing your prayer and is wiping your tears, but no matter how discouraged you are, He will not answer your prayer until His timing is perfect. When His…

  • Investing in The Hearts of Women

    Investing in The Hearts of Women

    What? You haven’t gotten your ticket yet? We have an awesome 3 days planned for you. Early bird ticket sales end tonight! Go to transformingloveministries.org for conference details. 3 worship teams, 6 main sessions, 9 breakout sessions, lunch provided on Saturday, and a whole lot of Jesus!!! Conference is scheduled for March 26-28, 2020.

  • Invest In The Hearts of Others

    Invest In The Hearts of Others

    Are you shopping today? Do you have ladies on your list and you have no idea what buy them? Consider giving them a gift that keeps on giving. Head over to transformingloveministries.org and order your tickets for “She Steps Forward with Grace Women’s Conference, March 26-28, 2020.” Bulk ticket discounts are also available so you…

  • Stop…Rest…Breathe…and Repeat

    Today’s reminder is to take a step back and find some time to just be still. Rest my friend. Allow your mind, body, and soul to unwind. Allow that small quiet voice of God to speak to you and allow Him to breathe peace into your very being. Stop…Rest…Breathe…and Repeat today! 💜

  • Functionality Reigns in The Chaos

    Functionality Reigns in The Chaos

    Do you have a to do list that is so long you do not know where to begin? If you do then you are not alone. I have taken this week, that we didn’t have any doctor appointments, to find order in my chaos and peace in my frustrations. I found by making my home…

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