• “Where’s The Line To See Jesus”

    “Where’s The Line To See Jesus”

    I am sharing one of my favorite Christmas songs with you today. Click on the link in the above image to listen to this beautiful song. This is one that touches my heart year after year. It is also one that seems to be overlooked, but I don’t know why. Where’s the line to see…

  • Enjoying The Stillness

    Enjoying The Stillness

    Moment of Inspiration Did you wake up to the sounds of the birds singing this morning? How many times in the busyness of your mornings do you wake up in a state of panic? A panic of being late. A panic of being frazzled. A panic of anxiety and stress. A panic of a meeting.…

  • Heat Wavy Easy Meal

    Heat Wavy Easy Meal

    I have a super easy supper idea for those who are struggling with this ugly heat wave? This idea is a great idea for an easy meal to prepare without heating up the house to do so. Grab a meat of your choice, some shrimp and your grill. Then barbecue away. It does not take…

  • Fun and Easy Cake Balls

    Fun and Easy Cake Balls

    Are you looking for a fun and easy finger dessert food to serve at a gathering or party? I made these personally requested cake balls and chocolate covered pretzels for my nieces baby shower. You can easily makes these as well. All you need are these few ingredients… Your favorite cake mix 1 tub of…

  • Summer Burger

    Summer Burger

    Do you need a fresh supper idea? Try this one. Grilled angus burger topped with cheese. Place it on a bed of lettuce and add a fresh tomato to the side. Do not be afraid to add a few baked fries seasoned with garlic salt, onion powder, and basil. Lastly, add a few slices of…

  • Homemade Steak Nachos

    Homemade Steak Nachos

    Healthy Steak Nachos. I made with sautéed onion, peppers of every color, kale, and steak. Topped with diced tomatoes, queso cheese, sour cream. Serve on a bed of lettuce, tortilla chips, or on soft taco shells.

  • Bacon and Spinach Dip

    Bacon and Spinach Dip

    Delicious Bacon and Spinach Appetizer Are you looking for an easy and delicious appetizer and you love bacon? Try this one. I made it for my family and they loved it. Ingredients 1 package of bacon 3 tablespoons coconut oil 3 tablespoons flour ½ teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon dried parsley 1 cup chicken broth 1…

  • Crab Bombs

    Crab Bombs

    Easy Seafood Recipe Keeping It Real Crab Bombs This is a really easy recipe I made for my family last night. If you like seafood and crabs, then this is a must to try. I included a link on the title to access the recipe from Skinnypoints.com. I am “Keeping It Real” by sharing my…

  • Apple Cinnamon Rolls

    Apple Cinnamon Rolls

    25 Day Christmas Countdown Day 24 This is a Christmas morning recipe to make for your family so you are not feeling stuck in the kitchen cooking while the family is enjoying the festivities of Christmas. My picture doesn’t make them look pretty, but they are delicious. One thing with my baking, cooking, and blogging,…

  • Gingerbread House

    Gingerbread House

    25 Day Christmas Countdown Day 23 Amazing Gingerbread Houses  I didn’t get one made this year, but we made this one last year. My daughter and a sweet adopted family friend made an amazing one that I am very proud of. I will add the directions to make it from scratch, The directions I will…

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