Courage To Conquer Another Day

Strength Can Come Through Tears

December 1, 2017

A weary heart moment is coming out so I have the courage to conquer another day after having processed my emotions.

I wrote on Saturday about my daughter being sick because of our Christmas tree, well this didn’t get any better. We just renamed it several names over the week. It has been severe allergies, a virus, a cold, and now appears to have become a sinus infection.

I just know this poor child is in so much pain that she came up missing last night and when I went looking for her I found her with her head in an ice pack to relieve the pain.

designShe has had four doctor appointments this week already and today marks her fifth one. That being said, her foot specialist is in the same building and the same suite as her ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor). This is important because when we finished her foot doctor appointment we literally saw her ENT doctor in the hallway and asked him about her cold. He told her to sit tight and wait it out the recommended 10 days and call back on Monday if she isn’t better.

What is unknown to all of you is this is her ENT Specialist because if you haven’t read back in previous blog posts in the beginning of the year, she had a balloon dilation procedure done on each side of her nose and sinuses to help her heal from a sinus infection she had for two years (no this isn’t a misprint). This is why for her to be going through this again is just horrible.

Thankfully, when she emailed his office yesterday explaining to him what was going on, he took her seriously and scheduled an appointment for first thing this morning.

Please join me in prayer over Dr. M who will see her today. Pray for God to guide him in how to help her.

I have many concerns for her at this time.  One of my concerns is her having to go through this again. I know all the paperwork we read about the balloon dilation procedure stated this might not take away all sinus infections but should cut down how many she could have. Well, I’m concerned because it took her 12 weeks to recover from this simple procedure and we are only 10 months post-op and now it appears she has another really bad infection again.

Another concern I have is that she has surgery on her foot in only 17 days. This needs to go away, but will it? When she struggled for two years and went through four doctors (3 ENT Specialists), this was not what she needed to have now.

It broke my heart yesterday when I was in the kitchen washing dishes and she walked around the corner holding her head. She said in such a pitiful voice, “Is it too much to ask for to have a day where I don’t have any pain?”

Really, I don’t think so! As a mom I wish there was something I could do, but what? Yes, I know some will say pray, well people I do this and have done it for years. Some say, “Oh, I have the cure: essential oils, plexus, etc.” Sorry people, we did the food, the essential oils and the herbs way back years ago before everything exploded out of control. If it didn’t help then, it’s not working now.

This kid just really needs God to heal her poor broken down body. I ask for you to join me in prayer over a head to toe (literally) healing. She needs healing over her chronic migraines, her out of control severe allergies, her sinuses, her immune system and her foot. 

I believe in my heart there is a link to all of this, but her doctors have not identified it yet. If you could add this to the above list I would be happy too.

Thank you for patiently waiting for me to write about this. Anyone who has or loves kids knows how this hurts to watch them be in pain and you feel helpless to take it away.

We are blessed now to have doctors  in her life who truly care about her. Initially, when we started this journey three years ago we didn’t have any personal connections to any doctors. They would see her and treat her and out the door she went. No one would ever followed up on her and to no surprise we were back again for the same problem over and over and over again. It wasn’t until July of last year that this ugly journey turned in the right direction at a doctor level. Now she has not just one, but three doctors who treat her and truly try to take care of her. We will have seen all of them in just this one week. It is encouraging to my weary momma heart to see them take care of her as is she was their own daughter. Their gentleness after all she has been through is so welcoming. I tell them all the time how much they mean to me, but I am not sure if they know how deeply those words run through me.

Finally, this is another post where it is my hearts desire if you are going through something similar that you know you are not alone. Your emotions and your pain are real. This is hard to deal with day in and day out. It is wearisome and difficult to process when you feel like you are walking this long dark road alone. It is my prayer that you don’t feel lonely that there are others who share the same raw emotions.

 Hugs to each one of you who are walking down a similar journey. We will continue to stand united through prayer for each other.