Expressing Our Gratitude

Encouragement Today 

Sharing Our Gratitude With Others

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, what is something you are thankful for?

It can be big or small. The size of gratitude thankfully is not judged by it’s size and there is no right or wrong answer.

Gratitude comes from the heart.

It is that smile you smile for no reason, whether physically or internally.

What made you smile with your heart?

By sharing these moments you encourage others who may be struggling because of hardships to see beyond their struggle and to look for that small glimpse of light where they can see something they can be thankful for.

By sharing this simple gesture of gratitude it gives hope to those who are weary.

It encourages them to look beyond the moment they are in and to actively watch for those positive things things God puts in their lives that they can be thankful for.

Gratitude is a powerful tool God uses in our lives to touch others and to give hope when it was once lost.

Be a blessing to others this Thanksgiving season and share your moments of gratitude. Don’t hide them under a bushel, instead shout them from the mountain tops.

Okay, a smaller scale will work to. Share them with your friends, your social media accounts or anywhere you are that God puts it on your heart to share.

Remember, no matter how big or small the blessing you are thankful for is, God uses it for His good.

Allow yourself to be His vessel and to touch lives this season.

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