Calculate Your Steps

Encouragement Today

FA9DE117-CF10-4410-97FA-24F6559560B7Today was a big day for my Kiddo. After having been in her “Storm Trooper” boot since September and a surgery later, my Kiddo has her two feet back again.

I never dreamt I would be as excited to see her in two shoes, as she was. She has been through so much pain that to see her in two sneakers at the end of this very long and painful journey brings tears to this momma’s eyes.

These are the simple memorable moments in life that we share with our kids and I’m so thankful I can share them with her.

As mom’s and dad’s we worry over our kids. We spend sleepless nights praying over them, comforting them when they don’t feel good, set alarms to wake up and check on them and to give them medicine. We dry their tears when their pain is bad and no matter how old they are, we hold them in our arms just praying they will feel better again soon.

Today’s Encouragement is to not take for granted the everyday things in life. We use to take for granted Kiddo’s ability to walk easily and free of pain, but as she has realized over the past few months, every step she takes she does with calculated effort. No step is ever wasted on her.

I think this is the lesson God wants us to all learn. Every step He wants us to take should be equally calculated. Nothing in His world is ever done by accident because He has a purpose for us in everything we do.

I feel He wants us to see and do everything in our lives with a purpose that is just meaningful as Kiddo is with her steps. Just as she preplans her every step to be sure every one is taken with a purpose, God wants us to do the same in our lives.

If we loose our focus and take unnecessary steps we can feel the consequences of those actions similar to her when she experiences her pain. However, if we stay focused and calculate our steps as she does, we will reap God’s mighty reward in the end.

My Friend, Today’s Encouragement is to stay focused on your every step so you are moving forward in the direction God wants you to be taking in your life so you can reap your precious reward He has for you

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