Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Life Hack 101

Decorating Small Kitchens

December 20, 2017

Today’s life hack is designed for the person who has a small kitchen but wants to have a Little Christmas in it.

Consider using…

Decorative Christmas towels hanging around on a refrigerator or oven handles.

Cookie cutters on display because they are small and not bulky.

Christmas cookie jar on your counter or island.  It is decorative, festive, and functional.

Do you have a clear juice pitcher? Try putting clear lights in the bottom with translucent snowflakes you can buy at the dollar store. Place near an outlet and it makes a beautiful and festive nightlight after dark. You can also put beautiful Christmas flowers in the top to bring some color and beauty to your counter.

Last, how about a smaller lit jar. You can use a Mason jar with Christmas lights in it. My best friend made this for me several years ago. It is simplistic but cute. All you need to do is paint a mason jar, add lights and a winter hat using an old fuzzy sock. It is a great winter or Christmas feature to any kitchen counter.

These are all ideas that are easy to do and space savers for anyone who has a small kitchen.

Happy decorating!

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