Surviving The Cold

What To Do If Your Furnace Goes Out During A Cold Freeze

December 29, 2017

54ECE801-123E-4744-A950-7DE92A4C4B64With the weather turning cold for so many people now is the time when furnaces are not able to keep up with it and have a tendency to break.

We have experienced this first hand. Unfortunately, our furnace went out last night and we are still waiting for the repair man to come by to make our cold house warm again.

I am pulling together a few thoughts I have had and done to survive this cold time and I am going to share them with you in case you are in a similar situation or find yourself in one during these winter months.

One, open you cabinets to expose your plumbing to your heat source in your house. There would be nothing worse then having a furnace repair bill as well as a plumbing bill for frozen pipes.
Before going to bed allow your faucets to drip water. Moving or running water takes longer to freeze then does water that is standing still.
If you do not have a space heater or two, they are worth the investment when you don’t need one. You do not want to go buy them at the same time as an unexpected furnace repair bill. This is not good if your finances are tight.
Clean your oven. What better time to make your house warm from cleaning your oven then now. I can promise you it works. I did it this morning.
I also got up at 530 this morning because I had an appointment first thing and made my family a Healthy Banana Oatmeal Bread (I will be posting this recipe as well) that took an hour to bake. This helped to get some warmth in my house first thing this morning as well.
The last hack I can think of is to do laundry. By running your dryer you will be surprised how much heat it can put out that you are not aware of when you are warm.
It is my sincere hope and prayer this does not happen to you during this cold season, but if it does, I hope you find warmth and comfort in using some of these ideas.


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