Beef Stew

Supper Idea


How about a Beef Stew for supper?

Are you looking for a supper idea? Drag out your crock pot and pull together the following ingredients. Once it is all put together, forget it and when the end of the day arrives you will have a wholesome meal ready to eat with no work.


1 pkg of beef stew meat

1 bag of raw carrots

1/2 peeled and diced onion

Enough potatoes based on the size of your family

3 beef seasoning cubes

salt to taste

4 cups of water


Get your crock pot out, peel and cube enough potatoes for your family, place in crock pot with beef stew meat, carrots, cubed onion, seasoning cubes, salt, and water. Place on low and allow to cook all day. If you are home, check on it from time to time.

Once you are ready to eat, mix up a gravy base with water and flour and stir into crock pot to thicken beef stew, then serve.

If you have any left over rolls from Thanksgiving you can add these to your meal as well.

Final Product



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