• Living My Real

    Living My Real

    A Day in The Life of Our Medical Journey This is how I am starting my day again. Sitting in a doctor’s office parking lot. Today is a bit harder though. Today I could just sit here and weep as my daughter walks off by herself to go get 25-30 nerve blocks in her head…

  • Take One Step At A Time

    Take One Step At A Time

    Encouragement Today You’ve got this today! No matter what lays ahead just focus on right now. One step at a time while you tackle one task at a time. Breathe in and out. You’ve got this because I believe in you!

  • No Matter The Pain, You Are Beautifully Made

    No Matter The Pain, You Are Beautifully Made

    Journaling Journey Do you continue to worry over your kids? As parents, I am unsure how you do not. It seems to be bred into us as soon as they are born. Today has been one of those days where I struggled with worrying over my Kiddo. It does not matter how old they become,…

  • Enjoying A Beautiful Fall Adventure

    Enjoying A Beautiful Fall Adventure

    Journaling Journey Entry 3 Today went well. Kiddo is feeling headache/migraine pain relief despite her head hurting from the nerve block shots. She still has lumps in her head from them, but is able to handle this pain because it is different from the migraine she had for so long. Her sinuses still hurt, but…

  • Exhausted While Trying to Breathe

    Exhausted While Trying to Breathe

    Journaling Journey Entry 2 Today has come to a close and I am so happy to announce Kiddo is feeling okay. She is struggling with her sinuses, whether this is an allergy problem, a sinus infection, or a cold, at this point, it is anyone’s guess, but she was able to keep her migraine at…

  • Sunshine Among The Dark Clouds

    Sunshine Among The Dark Clouds

    Journaling Journey Entry 1 Today we started the day out at the allergy office and Kiddo received her allergy shots for another week. I am not sure what they did this time, but it appears this set of shots is going to bruise. Today I asked her how she felt and received a generic response…

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