• Grab Your Paintbrush and Create Your Masterpiece

    Grab Your Paintbrush and Create Your Masterpiece

    Life can get crazy and out of control. All too many times we give others the power to run our lives. “Don’t hand your paint brush to anyone else, you are the artist to your own life.” Unknown Author We let our families, our kids, our jobs, and our extracurricular activities rule over our lives.…

  • Your Strength Is Your Beauty

    Your Strength Is Your Beauty

    I want to encourage you if life has you discouraged and beat up. “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A. A. Mine Your strength is your beauty because God is your strength and your endless supply and source of it. “God is our refuge and strength,…

  • Nothing Is Impossible, Because I’m Possible

    Nothing Is Impossible, Because I’m Possible

    Today’ Monday Motivation is to remind you that everything is possible as you begin this week.  “Nothing is impossible. The word itself say’s, “I’m possible.”” Audrey Hepburn  No matter what obstacles you may be facing, if you have a goal, dream, or vision; do not let the power of fear prevent you from obtaining it. It…

  • Rest, Breathe, Repeat

    Rest, Breathe, Repeat

    Update To Previous Blog Post / “Living My Real” I’m not sure about you, but I for one, am thankful for the weekend to finally arrive. While we still have no resolution to if my daughter will have her health insurance come Monday morning, (see my post, “Living My Real” if you are unsure what…

  • Living My Real

    Living My Real

    A Day in The Life of Our Medical Journey This is how I am starting my day again. Sitting in a doctor’s office parking lot. Today is a bit harder though. Today I could just sit here and weep as my daughter walks off by herself to go get 25-30 nerve blocks in her head…

  • Breathe Through The Uncertainty

    Breathe Through The Uncertainty

    Living The Everyday Life Episode 2 I don’t know about you, but we have had a months worth of Mondays all in one. We started the day out with my daughter struggling to be an adult today. Her computer crashed over the weekend, which to anyone who works from home or is an online college…

  • Opening Our Hearts to Gratitude

    Opening Our Hearts to Gratitude

    It is so easy to get knocked down by all that life throws our way. The busyness, the relationship struggles, the soccer practices, football games, dance recitals, or work struggles; but I want to be your place of encouragement this month. I want to be that gentle reminder to look past it all and find…

  • Life Is Real, The Struggles Are Too

    Life Is Real, The Struggles Are Too

    Just throwing some real life out there…. So all before 7:45am I have the cleanest smelling house in my community. I managed to discover my hot water heater is leaking right after I opened up a fresh new bottle of bleach. As I discovered some wet stuff on some things in my laundry room, I…

  • Unconditional Love Is Priceless

    Unconditional Love Is Priceless

    I struggle to share my private life and I know this post is going to seem a bit weird to some who do not understand the depth in which you can love your pets, but this dog is my world. This is my doggo, Shadow (the one with floppy ears). If you follow me on…

  • Refresh, Recharge, & Rest

    Refresh, Recharge, & Rest

    This is your weekend reminder to take some time to slow down. Take some time to refresh, recharge, & rest today. Clear your schedule of the busy life you live and allow yourself the time to decompress.

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