The Brave Art of Motherhood Lessons Learned


As I write about the changes I am trying to make in my life and I refer back to the lessons I have learned from this book or the journey this book has sent me on, I will be attaching them to this page.

This book, The Brave Art of Motherhood was written by Rachel Marie Martin is available to purchase by clicking on to this link I have provided.

This book has inspired me to search my own life and reach for the dreams I thought I had given up and to not only fulfill the goals I set for myself years ago, but she gave me the courage to set new ones that I can more easily attain today.

There are so many lessons in this book to be learned that I found it easier to create a page designed for this topic.

I hope if you purchased the book and would like to follow along with me in my journey,  that you will leave a comment below and we can join forces and make this journey together.

There is a common theme in her book and it has manifested outside the book as well and that is God never intended for us to make journey’s in life alone. He intended for us to make them together as a group.

She referred in her book to the women during the pioneer days where at the end of the day they would pull all of their wagons into a circle because within that circle there was a protection from outside forces. Together they worked as a team taking care of each other and their children, as well as offering a source of protection from the outside world.

Her book is designed to do the same thing. It is meant to forge friendships and relationships of people stepping out to make changes in their lives while she also designed it to create an accountability team and forge relationships with others.

Would you like to be this within our group here? If so, feel free to comment below and share in my discussions as I post articles that will reference back to this book.