Traveling A Difficult Journey Thru A Mother’s Heart

Weathering The Storms Under The Protection of God’s Umbrella

December 5, 2017

design-5This page is a journal written from a mother’s heart while watching her only daughter struggle with chronic medical issues on a daily basis.

My daughter has been traveling down a very difficult road for the past three years and we still do not have all the answers to what is going.

There are many difficult days she goes through that consists of countless doctor appointments, endless days of pain and constant headaches and chronic migraines.

I always feel bad if I speak or talk of my emotions because who am I to say anything when she is the one struggling? Anyone who is a parent or has the love for a child knows the pain you experience while watching your children struggle in pain. It is a pain that only another parent can understand.

This is why I am going to start journaling her journey here. I need a forum where I can release my emotions and concerns in what I feel is a safe place. I am praying as I process and release them here, I will be able to continue to be her source of strength and encouragement she depends on, whether she realizes it or not.

Please, I ask, continue to keep her in your prayers. I am concerned her long road she has already travelled may not be behind her. I have a huge concern they may have only prepared her for a road that lays ahead.

Lastly, as I have prayed before in earlier posts, if anyone else is going down a similar road or journey, know you are not alone. It is my continuous prayer our trials will encourage you that know there are others who have or are experiencing something similar. Hang tight my friend! We will get through this storm together and remember no matter how rainy it gets, God is holding the umbrella for us keeping us dry as well as giving us amazing rain boots to keep our feet dry.