A Mother’s Journal of Broken Thoughts

A Mother’s Heart Is Full of Love Always

I am going to be using this page to journal my thoughts of how we get through the day to day life with my sweet daughter.

I need a safe place to process my thoughts without overwhelming those who are around me and who listen to me on a regular basis.

This has been a very long journey, one of four years where my daughter’s health has just continued to decline and her chronic migraines have tried to consume her.

These past few weeks have been excruciating to watch her struggle through her day to day life just trying to push through the pain she experiences. I watch her with my heart and arms held open wide, but all I find I can do most times is just keep praying because nothing else works. I can not make the pain go away, I have tried. I can not make her feel better, I have tried. There is “nothing” I can do but to watch her agonize over her very own body.

I have been feeling a weight upon me that I am overusing my friends and prayer warriors to pray and help us to walk through this difficult journey, so instead of constantly using them to listen to my frazzled mom brain ramble and try to process all it does, I am going to being journaling here instead.

If there are other people who are out there and they know first hand or are watching a loved one travel this difficult journey, maybe you will find this page encouraging and/or enlightening as well.

I have always said, I do not mind traveling a difficult road if God’s purpose is to use it to encourage others along the way.

It is my prayer maybe this is the time to allow God to use my daughter’s difficult medical journey to help and encourage others as well.