Journaling Through Sickness

Writing My Way Through My Thoughts

Just as I thought tonight was going smoothly my child comes to me and says something has gone wrong Mom. These are not words you want to hear one, as you’re getting ready to go to bed shortly and two, when your child just had sinus surgery/procedure a couple of days ago. My heart sunk as a mom because I am not an ENT expert (which I should be by now) so I don’t have the answers to what could be going on.

I have pondered everything I know about this situation. I went back in my memory for every conversation we have had with the doctor over this procedure, but nothing. I can’t remember anything they would have told us about this to know what she is experiencing is normal.

img_1258To God I turned. I had to lean on Him for guidance and wisdom. I turned on her diffuser, despite her inability to smell it and left her in God’s hands.

After talking this over with a couple of people, I am having to get through the night believing her problem tonight is “normal”.

I am writing about this because it is one of the many struggles we have been battling over the past few years. I am trying to live my life more intentional which is why I am writing my way through tonight’s worry I have for the gazilionth time so I can truly release the concern I have for my daughter tonight.

I truly want to leave this situation in God’s hands so I can rest knowing she is ok. I want to break the cycle of worrying over things I don’t have any control over.

We will see in the morning if this in fact worked. It will either be a quick night or a long night. However it plays out I am hoping rest will be obtainable.

Is anyone else struggling with this problem in their life? If so know you are not alone. I am here beside you struggling with the same difficulty.

With God’s strength, all of this will work itself out.


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